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Stainless steel single core stick barrier gate
Model No:SZAT-Z01
Product introduction
The gate ban shape using SUS304 stainless steel plate stamping molding equipment, intelligent gate is the main channel for a staff intelligent management of high-tech products, is intelligent three roller gates and swing gate upgrade products, similar to the wing gate, product processing fine, complete functions, high grade, mainly for high-end residential and Intelligent Building, subway, wharf, hotels, clubs and other high-end places.
Technical parameters:
Box size:1200 length *220* width *980 height (MM)
Standard word stick length:300mm, optional range: 250-500mm
Gross weight60 kg
Case material:stainless steel made standard (No. 304)
Power supply voltage:AC220 + 10% V, 50HZ
Drive motor:DC brush motor (24V)
Signal input:the relay switch signal or 12V level signal or pulse width > 100ms 12V > 10mA drive current pulse signal.
Normal service life:3 million times
Communication interface:TCP/IP
Pass speed:30-40 / min
Gate opening and closing time:1 second
Run time:3 seconds
Reset time:10 seconds
Working environment:indoor and outdoor (shade)
Temperature:-10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius,
Relative humidityless than 90%, no condensation.Stick Barrier Gate

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